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Dubai Shopping Festival 2010

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Dubai shopping festival started on January 28th and is going to its end on 28th of February. And we can proudly announce that we have contributed to success of this wonderful event with five participating groups.


Frula Dance company, one of our best dance groups, have been frequently invited to Dubai, for both Shopping and Summer Surprises festivals. They always perform different programs, never repeating themselves, always original, dynamic, beautiful dances.

Egrisi dance group from Tbilisi, Georgia is the second time travels with us to Dubai. They are young, well trained, with fiery Caucasian dances and music, that is becoming more and more attractive for Arabic audience. I thank them for their contribution and sure that we will continue our cooperation.

First time we have been inviting Kazakh group to Dubai and we are great to announce that we were right in choosing this wonderful group called Sazgen Sazy. They have beautiful dance program, the voices of the mysterious musical instruments like the sounds of the dombra, sybyzgy, shankobyz, zhetyghen, syrnai and kylkobyz produce an impression of these instruments coming to life and can cause a delightful rapture with those who listen to these enchanting sounds.(Bagdat Tileghenov ) We thank the group for their contribution and looking forward for other possibilities that can open for us new cooperation horizons. It is also first time we work with this professional music band, 6 professional musicians, playing fantastic music, ther program is rich and they can play for hours. I thank them for accepting our invitation and for their professional performance on the stages of DSF. Unfortunately I do not posses the photos of our fifth group from Turkey, but I do thank them as well for their contribution. While I was in Vienna, monitoring the participation, my friend and partner – Mustafa, was doing the work, and he was in Dubai all the time and get most of headaches that could occur during any such large scale participation. Mustafa did great work and I thank him for taking care of all the groups perfectly. Thanking Dubai-es that attended our events, I look forward to offering them new performances of our various groups for upcoming Dubai Summer Surprises events!

IV International festival of the folklore and traditional culture HIGHLANDERS

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A very interesting event is planned in the capital of Republic of Dagestan- Makhachkala, Russian Federation, from 10 till 15 of June. Continue Reading

Nan Ying International Festival 2010, Tainan, Taiwan

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While me and my team wish all our friends happy Chinese New Year of Tiger and all lovers and those who just fell in love with St. Valentine, we would also like to share with you following information. This year,the 7th Nan Ying International Folklore festival  will be hold at Tainan county in Taiwan. Continue Reading

Yi-lan International Children’s Folklore & Folkgame Festival 2010

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Good news for all children groups: Yi-lan International Children’s Folklore & Folkgame Festival is back after two years of suspention. All those that are interested to make their trip to Taiwan this summer with their groups, below are the conditions:

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Silk Road festival

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Last month the New York Times published a list of recommended tourist sites for 2010. Damascus came in seventh and the writer was introducing the Syrian capital as the “new Marrakesh,”  where ancient buildings are turning into boutique hotels.   Continue Reading

Bosra festival 2009 overview

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It is always useful to share with the past experience, especially when already preparing for the new edition of a festival. I thought to post some videos from Bosra 2009. This video was made for a special culture program on Chuvash National TV, I put just small part of it with my interview! ( self-advertisement 🙂 )
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European groups confirm their participation in Bosra 2010 festival

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  While we are all awaiting official announcement of dates and countries that will participate in Bosra International festival 2010, following groups already reconfirmed their willingness to participate in this prestigious event. Continue Reading