The Kingdom Great Britain – “The Celtic Massed Pipes & Drums”

The Celtic Massed Pipes and Drums is an international creative union of musicians from European countries who are connected with a common history. The band was established in 2016 to perform at “The Spasskaya Tower Military Festival and Tattoo” under the supervision of the Founder and Head of the Band, David Johnston, who belonged to the British Army Band. 
David Johnston was the British Army Pipe Major for many years and instructed bagpipers in the Royal Regiment of the Irish and Scottish Guards.
All members of the band are honored musicians, who have gained recognition in their countries and have performed, among others, in front of the head of their states.
In May 2017 the Celtic Massed Pipes and Drums took part in «The Amur Waves» VI International Military Music Festival in Khabarovsk.