South Korea – Jungzongjin (MUSA) Dance


“Jungzongjin (MUSA) Dance Company” was founded in 1995 by its Choreographer and Director Mr. Jung Yongjin.
Mr. Mr. Jung Yongjin is Lecturer of Dance Department of  Sangmyung University as well as lecturer of Dance Department of  Myongji University.
The aim of the company is to preserve the Korean tradition culture, spirit and beauty. Beside that ensemble brings much of innovative sprit and sense of beauty that is part of Korean culture.

Some of most important international performances are:

Performances in Italy, Turkey, Senegal and South Africa
Participating the Peking International Arts festival, China
Performances in Japan: Hirosima, Mioshi, Howooshi
Participating in France Strasburg Festival
Performances in Japan : Narashi, Osaka
Performances of Korean-American immigration 100 years Anniversary in Chicago, New York,New Jersey, Washington  D.C