Mexico – Compañía de Danza Folklorica “Tierra Mestiza”

In October 2000 arises Folk Dance Company Tierra Mestiza, as an independent group under the leadership of current Director Carolina Ordaz Ortiz, having several years of artistic experience. Then attached has this cultural adventure Professor Alfonso Alcaraz Vázquez as artistic director and also with the passage of time joins a consolidated group of dancers.
Throughout these years of hard work Tierra Mestiza, results in a rich, varied and profound interpretation of Mexican artistic expression, the combination of religious myths and scenes of everyday life, are conveyed by excellent choreography and movement to achieve full identification with initial wishes of those who forged traditions and customs of our country dance performances.
Dances and rhythms are representing every corner of  Mexico based on our roots, which retain the originality of their costumes, music, tap dancing and choreographic movements, so as Tierra Mestiza includes most representative dances and rhythms of Mexico.
Folk Dance Company has stepped “Tierra Mestiza” several scenarios in traditional celebrations and festivals not only in Mexico, but also  has participated in various festivals  all over the world , such as Portugal, Spain, Qatar, Algeria, Dubai, Italy, Poland and etc..