IFDA Objectives

Our objectives could be put as follows:

  1.  Develop the system which helps International folklore festivals, especially those based in Middle East, to reach Austria and other European based cultural organizations and folklore dance and music groups, facilitating their participation in the proposed events.
  2. Having huge experience in organizing and co-organizing folklore festivals around the world, to plan, develop and later implement similar event for Vienna city to have its International Folklore Festival in cooperation with other festivals in the region, which will reduce transportation costs and will give to the Vienna city visitors an atmosphere of joy and appreciation.
  3. To help the folklore groups and ensembles from Austria and other EU countries and especially those that have little financial capabilities to travel outside of Europe, to present their traditions and culture around the world.
  4.  To promote, through appropriate cultural initiatives, the distribution of quality ethnographic works  with the aim of increasing audience interest and fostering production.