Italy – “Akragas Folk Dance Group”

 “Akragas Folk Dance Group” was founded by the group of young people, keen of popular traditions, with the mandate of researching, spreading and staging, the folkloristic, historic and cultural traditions of the Sicilian people.  The costumes worn by the group members represent a well defined historical period that is the end of the nineteenth century. The musical instruments, the songs, the dances and the stagings embrace a greater historical period which includes: the Greek, Roman, Turkish, Arabic, Spanish and Norman dominations of the Island, all of which have molded, throughout the centuries, Sicily.

The spectacle includes the following distinctive song, dance and music of Sicily, among which:

Festa In Campagna (Veni ca Bedda) – Song and Dance

Tarantella  – Tarantella native to Agrigento (Dance)

Marranzanata – Song accompanied by typical instrument “Marranzano”

Polka Siciliana – Dance

Mazurka – Dance

Vitti ‘Na Crozza – Song

Ciuri Ciuri – Flowers Flowers (Song)

Canto Dei Mietitori – Song of the harvester (Song)

U Chiovu – The nail (Dance)

Abballati Abballati – Song and Dance