Cuba – “Camagua Dance Ensemble”

Camagua is the benchmark of Cuban culture. Being one of the most important ensembles of the country, it has professional status, with performances in more than 400 cities around the world.
Director of the Group: Fernando Medrano Vireya, is one of the most talented choreographers of Cuba, specialized in Dance and Master in Theoretic Studies of Dance from the Superior Institute of Arts of Cuba.

Some Rewards:

Silver and Gold Award at Folkloriade de Dijon,France

Oscar of Folklore for Music – Gorizia, Italy

Special Prize – Gorizia, Italy

Best Performance Award – Reim, France

Best Group – Izegem, Belgium

Some Festivals:

Festival Mondial de Folklore Saint Ghislain – Belgium

Festival de Martigues – France

Festival de Confolens – France

Festival Brunssum – Netherlands

Festival Burgos – Spain.

Folkmonção – Portugal

Festival Tarcento – Italy