MMO 2015

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Held each November on the Maidan, the outdoor courtyard of the ROHM, this complimentary military music concert is the most popular event of the season, attracting hundreds of people for all the three performances. This year, the performance is of special significance as it marks the 45th year of the reign of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, the architect of Oman’s remarkable modern Renaissance The first night of this special and hugely popular event was held under the patronage of Sayyid Badr bin Saud bin Harub Al Busaidi, Minister Responsible for Defence Affairs. His Majesty had established an impressive set of military bands during the first two decades of the Renaissance. Thanks to His Majesty’s continuous support and guidance, Oman’s military bands have since developed into world-class ensembles that are well received on international tours. Led by Brigadier Ramis Al Owaira, director general of Music for the Royal Guard of Oman and coordinator of all Military Bands in the Sultanate of Oman, in a stunning display of military pageantry, at least 900 musicians, men and women from all of Oman’s armed forces—the Royal Guard, the Royal Oman Army, the Royal Oman Air Force, the Royal Oman Navy, as well as Oman’s Royal Cavalry and Camel Brigades—will march in colourful uniforms while playing. Female musicians are featured prominently in the concerts each year. This year’s programme will also include guest performances by two excellent bands from abroad—“The Ensemble of Song and Dance” by the Russian Army, St. Petersburg, and the “Musikkapelle Garmisch” and “Musikkapelle Partenkirchen”, a combined ensemble from Garmisch-Partenkirchen, a resort town in Bavaria, Germany. These international performances will include orchestral, choir and dance pieces, with over 130 performers demonstrating a colourful variety of military music and folklore of both countries. “The Ensemble of Song and Dance” by the Russian Army will present marches and familiar Russian melodies, dances and impressive choir songs including the world famous “Kalinka”. The German performance will present different marches and folklore dances, such as the Bavarian shoe slap dance, performed in the typical clothing of “Lederhosen”. The impressive sounds of the traditional whips and alpine horns will enthral the arena. It will be a heart-stirring demonstration of patriotism as drumming corps, bagpipe brigades, brass bands, woodwinds, a steel band with choir, a combined military ensemble and even a special Navy folklore group thrill audiences with their music. The selections encompass classic military pieces, as well as Oman’s own traditional music with songs and dances. Generations of Omani families are involved in this event and the performers, as well as the audience can be proud of the richness of Omani music, celebrating it together with the guests from abroad.
Umberto Fanni, director-general of the Royal Opera House, said this is an important annual event. “It is the most wonderful thing to see the huge crowds of people that come in such high spirits and to hear their shouts of joy and feel the pride they so justifiably take in honouring their country. This year they will do in an exciting global context as Russian and German bands join their Omani colleagues in a spectacular demonstration of world-class military music”.
Please watch the performance broadcast by Oman TV:

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Photo credit: Khalid AlBusaidi, ROHM