The Oman WFMF 2022

Performing artists from Oman and across the world will present their unique folk traditions at this spectacular annual festival over two nights. Singers, dancers, poets and musicians will present the unique traditions of their various regions. In hosting this wonderful array of talent, Oman embraces the diversity of cultures and celebrates the remarkable artistry and beauty of folk music.
In this, the 2022 season festival, ensembles from Costa Rica, Poland, Bashkortostan and Oman have been invited to perform. Each visiting group represents the important cultural history of their country and is proud to demonstrate these traditions. Folk traditions are shared from generation to generation, adapt to include new cultural references without losing their authenticity. Each performance is a snapshot into the heritage of different culture, performed with vibrant costumes, spectacular dances, joyful expression and a deep sense of national pride.’
The Oman World Folk Music Festival will take place, as in previous years, at the Royal Opera: House of Musical Arts making use of the open-air Seafront Maidan. The festival demonstrates the Royal Opera House Muscat’s promotion of the national musical heritage of Oman and support for musical ensembles of the world.