Tunisia – “Yasmine Dance Group”

yasmin1The Cultural Village Foundation-Katara hosted dazzling performance by “The Yasmine Dance Group” from Tunisia over two days as the part of the cultural diversity festivities jointly organized with UNESCO Doha Office.
The first act of show, entitled “The Safari” described the Tunisian women’s path and evolution, and continued with performances that emphasized the importance of leading modern life and preserving the traditions of ancestors.
“The Yasmine Dance Group”, under the leadership of Saloua Kamoun, the founder and choreographer, is certainly more than a dance group. In fact, it is an academy that teaches dance to all ages, modern or traditional. Since its creation in 1985, the group has taken part in many festivals, not only in Tunisia, but the worldwide (Germany, France, Turkey, South Korea, Serbia, Italy, etc.), where their shows have great success. The shows take inspiration from the ethereal cultural heritage of Tunisia and generally speaking, they tell a visual story.