MIFF 2013

When announcing establishment of Muscat International Folklore Festival it is not about history but making history itself.
Colorful collection of attractive dance companies that enthusiastically contributed to our efforts to bring the best of the International Folklore dance and music to the Omani audience was not the only work. This festival is creation of many hands that were extended from Brazil to Austria, and from Austria to Serbia, and from Serbia to South Korea, and from South Korea to Oman.
And all extended hands got a helping hand to help the birth of this baby. We will all be following to its grows and maturing , as we hope that understanding other’s culture and traditions should mature in ourselves with strong believe that it will help to the peace and stability in the world.
Each and every country is proud of its heritage and traditions and the possibility to open it up before a new audience is a chance not to be missed.. Cheerful number of participants is coming to Muscat not just to share with their cultures, but to learn about its magic past and so magnetically attractive today!
Without generous support and financing from Muscat Municipality all what we have then thoroughly planned wouldn’t been possible!
I extend my great appreciation to H.E. End. Sultan bin Hamdoon Al-Harthy for his un-hesitated support for creation of Muscat International Festival and giving us the opportunity to bring this great event to be experienced in Muscat!

While we are still into the preparing the final stage of the festival, we already hope to be given opportunity of keeping this festival alive, to care of its continuity, which will set a new standard of understanding and accepting the cultural varieties not only in Oman but in the Arabian Gulf in a whole.

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