Turkey – “Asem Dance Group”

turkishPopular Turkish Folk Dance Group “Asem” entertained the audience at Katara Esplanade with enthralling performances of the country’s traditional dance forms.
The group presented  the diverse and rich culture of Anatolia with the help of  the dances  to the audience.

The group performed various folk dance forms representing different regions of the Asian part of Turkey namely “Halay”, “Horon”, “Bar” and “Karsilama”.
“Asem Dance Group” was founded in 2010. The group is working to present the traditional rich cultural elements of Anatolia on the modern way by using the most contemporary techniques. This group is under the Baskent University umbrella, as the most of members are the students of the university. They have more than 120 members. Group has capability to perform the dances from 5-6 different region of Turkey.
The group also has participated in many international festivals and events in Turkey and abroad.