Nan Ying International Festival 2010, Tainan, Taiwan

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While me and my team wish all our friends happy Chinese New Year of Tiger and all lovers and those who just fell in love with St. Valentine, we would also like to share with you following information. This year,the 7th Nan Ying International Folklore festival  will be hold at Tainan county in Taiwan. Nan Ying festival 2010 has following conditions: 2010 Nan Ying International Folklore Festival: 1. Date – October 9th to October 17th, 2010: 9 Days. 2.Place – Tainan County, Taiwan. 3. Arrival Day -before October 9th. 4.Departure Day – after October 17th. 5.Main Stage – Open Air, Tainan County 6.Tours – Open Air, at certain of townships in Tainan County.
Participants: 1.Folklore Groups from all over world could participate in our festival. 2. Foreign Groups may consist 10~20 groups 3. Foreign Group Member-10~30 people (inclusive leaders, musicians, and dancers, etc.).
Events: 1.Welcome Party – In the evening of October 8h. Every group knows each other. 2.Opening Ceremony & Closing Ceremony 3.Performance – From Opening to Closing, every group needs to prepare at least 20 minutes performance every day, except the Free Day. It allowed using the music by “live” or “recorded.” 4.Friendship Family school-It’s just like host family and school but it won’t support the accommodations. It will support every lunch in festival. 5.Free day. We will set up a free day for every group for sight seeing in Taiwan. There will be some schedule for you to choose. But we don’t provide the meals or costs on free day.
1. Accommodations
The members of the groups will stay at nice hotel which is arranged by Nan-Ying International Folklore Festival. The hotel provides breakfast every morning for free. The hotel also provides extra charged services.
During the days in Taiwan, we provide a bus for each group including free day since groups’ arrival until departure. 
We provide every day 3 times meal except free day. On free day we provide breakfast in hotel only.
4. Guide
Every group will have one local guide during your days in Taiwan. The guide at least can speak English and Chinese well, but we will try our best to find the guide who can speak your own language.
5. Pocket money
We provide US$10 dollar for one person each day, since groups’ arrival until departure. Costs
1.The costs of transports (air ticket) to and from Taiwan are for the group’s own account. 2. In Taiwan, the costs of transports, lodgings and meals are on the account of Nan-Ying International Folklore Festival, except free day (on free day, we provide transportation and breakfast only).
1. Nan-Ying International Folklore Festival will provide accidental insurance for group’s members.

2. Groups have to be insured against other risk especially insurance for costumes, instruments, and props.
1.Groups participate on their own risks.
2. Nan-Ying International Folklore Festival will take all the measures to avoid risks for participants, the workers and the audience.
Politics/Religion Nan-Ying International Folklore Festival respects any opinion concerning religion and politics, but does not allow any religious or political activity from anyone in the dance area. We strongly suggest to all those who are interested in traveling to Taiwan for this wonderful event, to contact Ms. Evy Kao for further information and guidance, to the following E-mail address: