IV International festival of the folklore and traditional culture HIGHLANDERS

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A very interesting event is planned in the capital of Republic of Dagestan- Makhachkala, Russian Federation, from 10 till 15 of June. Organizers are: – The Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation –  State Russian House public creative activity – The  Ministry of Culture of the Republic Dagestan –  Republican House for public creative activity The Participants of the festival are: folk groups, ethnographic ensembles, presenting different types and genres of the public traditional culture in authentic and scenic forms, masters of  decorative-applied arts  from different countries of the world. The total members in each group must be 35 persons maximum. Festival will organize: – The opening and closing ceremonies; – parade-procession of the participants; – gala-concerts; – exhibition of decorative-applied arts;  – folk-club – an evening of the friendship; – creative meeting and exit concertos in cities and regions of  Dagestan; – cultural program and others. Each creative delegation submits for the festival presentations by length – 5-10 minutes for ritual of the opening and closing, and 20-30 minutes for exit concertos and creative meeting. Groups must be making live performance with live music. The Delegations, participating in festival, must have with itself: – 1 nation flag (1 * 1,5 meters)  and folk group’s pennants to be exhibit during the cortege passing. – products of the master of decorative-applied arts for fair-sale, instruments and materials for showing the process of the fabrication these products. For participation in festival all groups must to send us as soon as possible information-advertising material: – creative feature of the group, and description to presented programs of the group, suits, instruments and etc. We are waiting from you as soon as possible: – list of the members to delegations with instruction their function (the singer, dancer, musician and etc) and a list of participants and filled questionnaires (forms) on each of the participant of the group; – advertising video (5-10 min.) on the CD, brochures, posters, photographs and all the documents about your group. Please, send your demands on participation in festival before 1 February 2010 to: 367010, Republic Dagestan, Makhachkala, O.Koshevoy st., 35 “A” Republican House public creative activity The Contact phones in Makhachkala city: Phone/fax: +7 (8722) 62-39-68, +7 (8722) 61-58-79. Travel expenses to Makhachkala city and back (including flight-tickets) have to be covered by the participants. The Expenses on accommodation, feeding and transport in Makhachkala will cover by the festival. The Participants of the festival will reward with special diplomas and souvenirs.