Bosra festival 2009 overview

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It is always useful to share with the past experience, especially when already preparing for the new edition of a festival. I thought to post some videos from Bosra 2009. This video was made for a special culture program on Chuvash National TV, I put just small part of it with my interview! ( self-advertisement 🙂 )
Interview I would very much recommend the video that was made by Orient Culemborg dance group from the Netherlands, they have made a very interesting video, the full version of which I have on DVD and posting just a part of it, from you-tube:
Orient dance group at Bosra 2009 Finally there is a video of Italian group from Alaltri – Aria di Casa Nostra, very nice people.Alaltri performance Bosra 2009 will share with other videos later.
Those groups that are on paper work right now for Bosra 2010 can get a glance on how it looks to perform on this wonderful amphitheater!