Yi-lan International Children’s Folklore & Folkgame Festival 2010

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Good news for all children groups: Yi-lan International Children’s Folklore & Folkgame Festival is back after two years of suspention. All those that are interested to make their trip to Taiwan this summer with their groups, below are the conditions:

The Yi- lan County Government and the Cultural Affair Bureau, Yilan County is going to hold the 2010 YI-LAN INTERNATIONAL CHILDREN’S FOLKLORE & FOLKGAME FESTIVAL from 3rd July to 15th August 2010 at Yi-lan County, Taiwan.

The Festival program will include:

l  Folkdance and music stage performance and parade

l  Folkgame and plays

l  Fairs and exhibition for traditional folk art

l  Sales of traditional and folk handicraft or souvenir

l  Folk art and culture demonstration/ seminar

l  Cultural exchange among participating groups, the share of typical cuisine of each country included.

Followings are the general regulation & information of Festival:


A: General Information:

l  The Festival takes place in Chin-Shui Park of Tong Shan River in Yi-lan County, which is located in Northeast of Taiwan.

l  The Festival will provide food & lodgment and local transportation during the troupe staying at Yi-lan. In addition, the Festival will provide transportation from and to the Taoyuan International Airport.

l  The participating group will stay in the students’ dormitory of National Yi-lan University. There will be 4–6 people in one room with air conditioning. Inside the room, there are desk, clothes chest and wooden bed. The toilet and bathroom are NOT included in the room but at the same floor where the group lives. There are coin washing machine and dryer for laundry. Each participating group has to follow the festival the dormitory rules, set by the festival organization without the objection. 

l The festival will provide 3 meals plus one afternoon.

l  Each group is responsible for its own visa and transportation to come to Taiwan and to go home, the charge for excess luggage included. Check visa information at the Embassy of Republic of China or Taipei Economic & Cultural Office in your country or nearest by your country or consult the indicated web-page:

*Note: According to the immigration law of the Republic of China in Taiwan, the foreign participants in the festival should obtain first the performing permission before applying for visa to Taiwan. The Festival Organization will assist you in getting this official document, which requires at least 7 working days. Please do remember to offer the Festival Organization the complete name list of your delegation with all the required data, especially the passport number and date of birth of each person in the due time, which we inform you after we confirm your attendance in the 2010 Yi-lan International Children’s Folklore
& Folkgame Festival.  

l  Each group is obligated to obey the related staying rule of Republic of China in Taiwan, arriving and departing Taiwan as scheduled. Any violation, the violator and the group should be responsible for his/her own behavior.

l  The Festival Organization will pay daily allowance, USD$15 for per performer per day while he or she staying at Yi-lan during the festival time from 3rd July to 15th August 2010. (The arrival and departure day are excluded.)

l  The Festival Organization will arrange different schedules including press conference, visiting activities, luncheons and other activities such as Chinese folk art and handicraft seminar, group’s night, basketball game…etc. for the participating groups and each group is obligated to attend these activities arranged by the Festival Organization.

l  The summer weather in Yi-lan will be very hot & humid (33? average or above). Please note your costume & health preparation.

l  The Festival Organization will buy basic accident insurance for each performer after getting his/ her own passport number. Please note the health/ medical insurance is NOT included; in addition to the accident treatment, the medical cost should be responsibly paid by the group itself.

l  Beside the Festival schedule, each group can arrange their own activities within their free time and should be responsible for its own traveling fee, the transportation included, and security.

l  Groups are strongly recommended to bring stylistic folk souvenirs or traditional handicraft of its country to sell in the assigned boost at the time, indicated by the Festival Organization. Sometimes, the folk music CD or dance group’s T-shirt will be nice as well. All the benefit of this sale is due to the group itself and the group should be responsible for the outcome of its sale, as well whatever it is, benefit or deficit.

l  The participating group should prepare maximum three typical or home dishes of its own country to share with other participating groups in the festival. Please do remember to bring the receipt and special spice you need. We will arrange the time for you to show your cooking skill.

l  A cultural tour around the Yi-lan communities will be arranged on the group’s day-off when there is no performance or any other activities, assigned by the Festival Organization, which takes place once a week for average. Such tour, arranged by the Festival Organization is free of charge; however, if the group prefers to take its own trip, its members should be responsible for all the expenditures such as transportation fee, lunch fee, entrance fee…etc by themselves and they must pay all the expenses for their guides as well.

l  Groups cannot demand any remuneration for possible photography, filming or recording in TV, Radio, etc. during their staying in the festival.

B: Performance Regulation:

l  The participating group is required to prepare a. 60 min, b. 40 min, c. 30  d. 10 f. 5 min program of traditional folk music and dance with live musical band and traditional cloth, which will take place in the street, square, school, park or theater…etc in accordance with the arrangement, made by the festival Organization.

l  It is highly appreciated that the participating group can prepare shows with different subjects such as “wedding”, “harvest celebration”, “folkgames”, “special holiday celebration”…etc.

l  The participating group is required to include 1-2 interactive dances into its performing program to attract the audiences to get involved into the group’s performance.

l  There will be at least one daily show for the children’s performing group at the outdoor stage of Chin-Shui Park or any outdoor or indoor stage within the Yi-lan County. Sometimes there would be more than one show in one day.

l  The participating groups, interested in attending the opening ceremony held on 3rd July 2010 will be expected to arrive at Yi-lan on 2nd July 2010 and participate in different rehearsal or press conference before the official opening on 3rd July 2010 and the participating groups, interested in attending the closing ceremony held on 15th   August 2010 should leave for their own country since 16th August 2010. Your group must stay at our Festival for min 15 days and max 30 days. It’s preferable that you choose your staying period from the following: ? 3 to 17 July ? 18 July to 1 August ? 2 to 15 August  (Please note that in the mentioned staying period, the arrival and departure day are excluded, which means that when you arrange your tour, you need to arrive at Taiwan one day earlier and leave for your country, one day later , for example, if you choose to take part in the first period, you have to arrive at Taiwan on 2 July and leave for your country on 18 July. )

 * NOTE: the Festival Organization keeps the privilege to decide your duration if there is necessity.

l  The Festival Organization prefers 18-20 dancers aged from 8-14 years old, 8-10 musicians and 2-4 staffs. The maximum participants of the group including crews should NOT exceed 30 persons. The musicians could be youth or adults if there is necessity.

l  The Festival is not competitive but all the performance, made by the participating group will be discussed and reported to CIOFF and other related international organization, the group’s discipline and behavior in the festival included.

l  Each group should teach traditional folkdance or folkgame and present the culture and art of its own country to the audience or local schools. The whole session lasts for max. 60 minutes.

l  Each group should share with other participating groups its own folk dance, music or game at Group’s Night, arranged by the festival organization whose purpose is to create chance for the participating groups to have chance to know each other more.

l  There might be additional performances or activities outside the Chin-Shui Park for festival propaganda, requiring the attendance of the participating groups, which is not set within the festival original schedule. The Festival Organization will inform the group in advance when this situation occurs.

Please reply your application form and send the required material no later than 28 February 2010 to the following address:

2. All performance materials should be sent to the following address in the due time.

Yi- lan International Children’s Folklore & Folkgame Festival

No. 101 Fu-shing Rd. Sec. 2

26051 Yi-lan


3. Contact Tel. 886-3-9354766 and e-mail: [email protected] or [email protected]

The Festival Organization will confirm your participation with the official invitation AFTER revising all the information you send and assuring your performing quality and content coincide with the style of the festival. Moreover, the acceptance of the official invitation, issued by the Festival Commission, by the group’s side, means the group’s agreement with all the conditions shown in this document.