Opening of the European Film Week in Tehran

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On 22 May 2010 the “European Film Festival Tehran 2010 ‘was kicked off, with the award-winning Austrian film’ Tot? ‘(2009) of Peter Schreiner on the outdoor stage of the Austrian embassy. During the last years  a joint presentation of European culture in Iran never had been possible. During a week, every night the latest films from Germany, Finland, the Netherlands, Austria, the Czech Republic and Switzerland,will be  showed.
Many of the films have content that may concern several European countries -like  the Austrian ‘Tot?’ – or directors and performers from bringing together several European countries, such as Michael Haneke ‘The white band’ and the Swiss ‘Vitus’. Others such as the Dutch ‘Oorlogswinter / War in winter time’ refer to the political history of the continent. The Finnish Film ‘Joulutarina / A Christmas Story ‘brings to Lapland in the time before hundred years, the Czech ‘s Kdopak by vlka bal / Who is afraid of the wolf’ to today’s everyday problems. Should this event pass the test in its format, it could be continued in regular intervals afterwords. Other European countries already expressed their interest in taking part in this project.