Muscat Festival 2012

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It has been a tradition by now to share with my readers the results of a project, after fully finalizing it. Now it is about Muscat Festival 2012 in Sultanate of Oman held from 26 of January until 1 of March. Muscat is a beautiful city  and it is becoming a fairy tale with its sky illuminated by the fireworks . Dedicated the ‘Year of the Child’ by the Council of Ministers, this edition of the Festival was particularly focused on creating education, fun and entertainment for the youth. A showcase of both Omani and international culture and heritage, the Festival also hosted some of the greatest cyclists from the Tour de France compete in the third edition of the grueling six day Tour of Oman race. a celebration of Arabic style at the Muscat Fashion Week; a feast for the taste buds at the Oman Food Festival and a number of entertainment activities that will appeal to the whole family. Being one of the most celebrated events not only Sultanate  but in GCC in general. This is an event for children and adults alike.

Ivana is one of the most attractive magicians perhaps not only in Belgrade, but in Balkans, where she claimed the highest prize during the competition of last year. She was performing in couple with Richi the Magician. An amazing magitian, that presents his numbers and tricks accompanied with good dancing, Richi was performing his gala number: levitation, assisted by one of our artists. The pair has amazed the public for two straight weeks until their return to Belgrade on 10th of February. As this event was for children, so there is no children event without a circus! Modern Circus from Belgrade entertained the crowds with variety of its rich program. Visitors especially liked the juggling with fire, this number had a lot of fans.

Crazy jumping with bicycle was also loudly applauded.. The last event provided by us is a Brazilian martial art – Capoeira performing group. The performers are mixed from Serbia and Brazil and have a very interesting program which combines elements of dance and music. Dynamic and creative arts, was created in Brazil by descendants of African slaves and has native Brazilian influences. Its  quick and complex moves, using mainly power, speed, and leverage for leg sweeps.
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