Triangle Folklore Festival 2013

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While we struggle to cope with the limited timetables, our Denmark friends have started their preparations early to give all the participants great time to prepare both their beautiful program as well as to collect enough money to travel! The festival is from the 28th of July to 4th of August 2013. You will be asked to fill an entry form and return to us before the 1st of May 2012 including a link to a video of your performing (for example at and besides that a few photos send as files by e-mail.
(Entry form you can receive from me or from Ms. Lene mailto:[email protected]) Festival offers you participation in an international festival with 12 folklore groups from 7 – 8 European countries and 4 – 5 from other continentals of the world. The festival includes 3 big Gala-evening in different places in Denmark, cultural exchange-evenings (workshops), where we learn dances from the participating countries, and furthermore lots of dancing in the streets and squares. During the festival we will show you different attractions and give you an impression of our country. The groups can consist of max. 25 persons (including officials) in the age 18 – 35 years. The groups have to bring their own live music. We expect that the groups participating performance in copies of original costumes and will bring an entertaining and varied dance programme accompanied by live music. The festival will include about 8-10 performances by each group, lasting 25 min. each performance, some of these performances will be outside on public squares. Each group is also going to make one gala performance lasting 10 minutes. This performance takes place in an indoor theater stage. It is expected that all groups arrive in their own bus for transportation during the festival. All costs for transport to and from the festival and during the festival have to be held of the group. There will be about 400 – 600 kilometers (300 miles) of transport during the festival. In return you are offered a well organized and detailed program. As participants of the festival the group has to take part in all arrangements which are planned for the group.