Silk Road Festival 2010 program announced

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Ministry of Tourism of Syria announced the program of upcoming events. It is in Arabic, so if you can read it, enjoy it, if no, then would be happy to translate for you. but not at the moment, due to busy time table.. This time the festival will last from 26 of September  with large opening ceremony held in Aleppo Citadel on 27th of September and with closing ceremony planned for 2 of October in Damascus citadel, other activities will be held also in Idleb, Latakia and Palmyra.. I am proud to contribute to the festival’s 2010 edition as well. We have the hit of the season. Dance group from Bashkiria… Spanish dance company of Carmina Villar from Madrid and TUBIL dance company from Ankara.. If you are somewhere close in the region, do not lose this opportunity to come and enjoy the great opening ceremony that will be held in Aleppo citadel, to enjoy wonderful Syrian cuisine and historical and cultural attractions.. In Tkiye-Suleimaniye Market will be held an International Handicrafts show, you can find wonderful hand made stuff from all the Silk Road situated countries… For more information please do not hesitate to contact me.. There is also a very interesting musical performance is on the way of preparations, with musicians from around the countries laying on Silk Road performing together under direction of Syrian maestro.. The previous year performance of this type was a real success.. I am proud that one of the best musicians playing canon in the world, Hasmik Leyloyan from Armenia, will be performing with them..