Fiesta Folkloriada – Philippines

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Once again Bahaniyan Folk Arts foundation proudly announces its forthcoming Fiesta Folkloriada held in Philippines in December 13 – 18. In partnership with local governments, unforgettable cultural experience is guaranteed. The festival’s schedule was prepared as follows: 1.Arrival in Manila on December 13. 2. December 13 – 15 , three days assigned to a local government outside Manila 3. Return to Manila on 15th of December ( other scheduled performances to be announced later) 4. December 18th –  performance at the Cultural Center of Philippines ( at 3 and 8 pm) 5. Departure from Manila on 19th of December The festival will provide: – Accommodation and meals for maximum 20 person ( including member,directors) – Performance venues and technical requirements – Local transportation to and from performances – Per Diem of US 5 $ /day for 6 days for maximum 20 members per group Foreign dance companies should pay: – Air fares from country of origin to Philippines and back – Airport fees, insurances and other incidentals required by country of origin’s government’s regulations Since only selected number of groups will be invited ( 5 groups only for this year) I kindly ask you to contact me as soon as possible in order to receive the organizer’s contacts and follow up your participation process on time.