Beethoven Festival to 240th Birthday in 2010

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 On the occasion of the 240th Birthday of Ludwig van Beethoven, the Beethoven Center Vienna arranged a festival for the first time. The festival aims to contribute to the spread of the European idea, with its humanistic values. Ludwig van Beethoven had this already did with the fourth Part of his Ninth Symphony,which was chosen as closing chorus of the European anthem.  Event Period: May, June and July 2010 Venues are historic cites and authentic places in Vienna and Lower Austria, where Beethoven lived or has visited.  Artistic direction and scope:  The festival focuses on the interpretation of works by Beethoven as well as the Viennese classical period. In addition, new compositions will be presented, whose composers are in fruitful dialog with the works of Beethoven. Through this musical exploration, which extends to the jazz and electronic music, it will also succeed in reaching more young audiences. An own Beethoven Festival is going to attract  – see the example of Bonn – many visitors from home and abroad. The inclusion of historic sites and authentic places creates a new spectrum. In subsequent years, enlargement of the festival is planned. Already established artists are presented with the best young talents.  For more news please  visit official site of Beethoven Center Vienna.