Istanbul in August

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Istanbul’s Harmanfolk invites all folk dance groups interested in visiting Turkey to INTERNATIONAL ISTCUP ISTANBUL folk festival, which will be held 27-31 AUGUST 2010. The conditions are: I-  Most programs are held in the evenings, however some day time programs are also scheduled. Performances are approximately 10-15 minutes.  The time of the performance allowed will be strictly limited. All groups will show their performance max 3 nights. Each group can perform max 15 minutes. Five countries will be invited to the 27-31 AUGUST 2010 festival. II International ISTCUP ISTANBUL CULTURE FESTIVAL (Folklore, Modern Dance, Choir, music, children, young and adult groups). The groups will start arriving on 27 AUGUST afternoon (we provide lunch and dinner on 27 AUGUST and groups will leave from the festival on 31 AUGUST after breakfast. Festival organization committee will provide accommodation, three meals, English speaking guide, historical and touristic tours. They will invite International Folklore, Modern Dance, Choir, Music, Children, Young and Adult groups. All performances with live music, however playback is also allowed. The groups should bring their own national flags (two), banners for the ceremonies. Group s have to send all necessary documents such as their recent CD, a short presentation letter about their background, their previous activities abroad, group photos and if possible a big poster of the group. During the festival, there will be three times gift exchanges, two of them with Municipality Mayors and one of them with the festival committee in welcome party. PARTICIPATED COUNTRIES : ( 2000-2009)( Bulgaria, Romania, Belgium, Hungary, Poland, Italy, Lithuania , Latvia, Armenia, Georgia, Holland, Norway, Spain, Greece, Korea, Ecuador, America, Sweden, India , Russian Federation, Serbia, Croatia Taiwan, Mexico, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland , Estonia, China, Japan, North Cyprus , Slovenia.
Festival organization committee will provide four star hotel:  Three meals, historical and touristic tours , very clean beaches , Semi-Olympic Open Swimming Pool and Swimming Pool For Kid, one English speaking guide.  Organization fee is per person 130 Euros in total for 4 nights. Groups which are comprised of 35 persons or more may be given an exemption on ONE person, normally the group leader, who will not pay the participation fee. Four star hotel open buffet is provided; each room has 2-4 beds ?ile is a place of culture and art with its historical texture. You can never get enough of its water, green forest, very clean beaches, it s historical light house, Crying Rocks and sunset.  
B – UNIVERSITY DORMITORY. They provide to you three meals per day (lunches with packed meal) and accommodation at the University dormitory, each room has 3-4 beds, toilet and showers at the same floor. Participation fee is 85 Euro per person for 4 nights. Groups which are comprised of 35 persons or more may be given one or two exception, so the group leaders do not pay the participation fee. Each confirmed group participating in the International Festival needs to send a deposit to the Organizing Committee’s offices of 1,000 Euros at a date agreed to by both parties after confirmation of participation. This deposit is non-refundable. The second part of the payment is in Istanbul, it will be in cash.  
CTRANSPORTATION If your group is coming by plane, the group will pay their own transfer expenses. We will hire a bus and group will be picked up from/to ISTANBUL airport- dormitory and this bus will be ready during the festival to take the group from the dormitory to the festival place or the places on the program. The groups will have to pay for this service on the first day of the festival: totally 1600 Euro. If your group is coming by BUS, the group will not pay.
What you will have of your leisure time at the period of festival? The main goal at the international folklore festival is all the participators who return home to gain a lot of new friends and great memories. About full tourist program the festival offers as well as application forms, please contact: [email protected]