Doha-Capital of Arab Culture

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Every year, an Arab capital is chosen to promote its culture, and this year it is Qatar’s turn. A year long festivities are planned in Doha, which inauguration will take place on 28th of January. The events will start with the opening ceremony in Sheraton hotel, with the “Bait Al Hikma” (House of Wisdom) musical. In a press conference on 5th of January, Qatar’s Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage Dr Hamad Bin Abdulaziz Al-Kuwari announced the opening ceremony’s date and give detailed answers to the organization plans and perspectives. “We have our opening ceremony to be themed Islamic culture, where it will include a “House of Wisdom” musical that holds the name of the symbolic returning us to the golden age of Arab-Islamic civilization,” adding that the work consists of reviewing the history of dramatic music that evokes the Arab and Islamic civilization, where we hope to honor Qatar and the Arab culture”, he added  What is important to mention, Qatar’s Minister of Culture underlined, that Qataris were following the organization of such events in all of Algeria, Syria and Palestine, and they will have their own style in presenting Arabic and Islamic culture in Doha. Close discussions where held with the chairwoman of Damascus – Capital of Arab culture High Committee, Dr. Maha Qannut, and Qatari Ministry of Culture, to share the experience. The capital is also going to host theatre plays “The Black Century”, inspired by the work “The Arabian Nights” and written by the Qatari playwright Hamad Al Rumaihi, “’The Pearl between Dasha and Gaffal” and  Another opera to be featured is “Abu Al Qasim Al Shabi,” the name of a famous Arab poet. It is expected that Syrian president Dr. Bashar Al-Assad will be present in the opening ceremony , as well as large number of foreign dignitaries. It is known that Shaikh Hamad ben Khalifa At-Tani – Emir of Qatar,visited Syria to attend opening ceremony of Damascus-Capital of Arab culture in 2008. Aside from theatre and music, Doha is going to host an exhibition of more than 500 pearls, at the Museum of Islamic Arts, starting on the 29th. One of the pearls weighs 6 kilograms, and is considered to be among the world’s largest. Painting, calligraphy and architecture will also be the themes of exhibitions in the city. With more than 80 events revealed so far, with events devised to attract children and youths as well, music groups will feature singers from other countries, such as Japan, Poland, Syria, Tunisia and Morocco, aside from Qatar itself, seminars will be held addressing three themes: “Issue of Arab cultural heritage between borders of identity and perspectives of globalization,” “The position of the language academies towards the discourse of Arabic language in Arabic media” and “the future of science in the Arab world.” Schedule of second quarter activities will be published soon.