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TVE- Españoles en el mundo visita Siria

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I already wrote about Silk Road 2010 and the groups that performed during the festival. I also wrote about various TV channels and magazine’s representatives, filming crews, journalists reporting from the site. Recently I received the link from Mrs. Carmina Villar – director of Ara de Madrid, one of the groups that participated in Silk Road festival 2010, about very interesting program prepared by Spanish TV. It is in Spanish, so those that do not know the language will not enjoy it, but it is lovely, showing the best of the country and with wonderful presentation. The program was made during the festival, but it is not only about it, but showing rich history, culture, traditions, monuments and architectural monuments, that Syria has to offer. What is really obvious is the hospitality that amazes every person visiting Syria, be it for first time or any time. Welcome to Syria! See the program of TVE here:
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