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MIFF 2013

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Muscat International Folklore Festival was successfully executed by International Folklore Development Association with the sponsorship of  Muscat Municiapality. This event hosted ten dance ensembles from around the world and 2 Omani traditional dance groups. Which is very notable  about this festival that it is first of its kind to be held in the Sultanate and proved to be a big success. Talented groups, lovely audience, very good organization, all these added to the MIFF success. An International Folklore Festival had an international assistants team, who came from Brazil: Regis Bastian (President of FEBRARP ), from Austria:  Anna Tellic (IFDA ), from UK:  Viktorija Zujevajte ( IFDA team ), from Georgia: Tamar Kenia ( IFDA ) and from Serbia: Bosko Gajic ( IFDA executive) Cuba was represented by Camagua dance ensemble from Havana. Camagua is the benchmark of Cuban culture. Being one of the most important ensembles of the country, it has professional status,with performances in more than 400 cities around the world. Director of the Group: Fernando Medrano Vireya, is one of the most talented choreographers of Cuba,  specialized in Dance and Master in Theoretic Studies of Dance from the Superior Institute of Arts of Cuba. Some Rewards: Silver and Gold Award at Folkloriade de Dijon/ France. Oscar of Folklore for Music – Gorizia/Italy. Special Prize – Gorizia/Italy. Best Performance Award – Reims/France. Best Group – Izegem/Belgium. Continue Reading

Stories from Muscat

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King Solomon

We have been sitting in an old style traditional coffee-house. It was evening and weather was  cooler and more pleasant since I have been there last time.. Dusk was lighted up by old Moroccan  style lamps hanged from the arches.. all around each table was green, with various plants growing up naturally, as if we were sitting in garden.. the chairs were large with oriental pillows to make the sit more comfortable.. We ordered ginger tea  with honey and each  telling a story  encountered in life, or things that happened just while ago, everything.  And while chatting there were so many things that  had no explanation, things happening suddenly with no excuse. They said about a friend they lost during the last Eid El Adha. A decent man, young, with bright future ahead,  a sudden and unexplained loss. There was so much sadness and inevitability in their voices .. so to change the theme one of the friends told us this legend .. about…. King Solomon was sitting with his entourage and talking to them when suddenly door to the hall  has opened and an ugly face has looked in. It glanced onto one man there in the crowed and disappeared.. The man was a friend of King. His heart filled with fair of unexpected and he rushed to the king and fell to his knees. – Oh Solomon, who was that man that glanced into the room and disappeared? He is angel of death,- answered the King. Death!! cried King’s friend.. I beg you, King help me to get out of here, send me to India, far away, save me.. Continue Reading

Muscat Festival 2012

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It has been a tradition by now to share with my readers the results of a project, after fully finalizing it. Now it is about Muscat Festival 2012 in Sultanate of Oman held from 26 of January until 1 of March. Muscat is a beautiful city  and it is becoming a fairy tale with its sky illuminated by the fireworks . Dedicated the ‘Year of the Child’ by the Council of Ministers, this edition of the Festival was particularly focused on creating education, fun and entertainment for the youth. A showcase of both Omani and international culture and heritage, the Festival also hosted some of the greatest cyclists from the Tour de France compete in the third edition of the grueling six day Tour of Oman race. a celebration of Arabic style at the Muscat Fashion Week; a feast for the taste buds at the Oman Food Festival and a number of entertainment activities that will appeal to the whole family. Being one of the most celebrated events not only Sultanate  but in GCC in general. This is an event for children and adults alike.

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