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The 20th Bahrain International Music Festival

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Over the course of its 20 years history, the Bahrain international Music Festival has transformed into a key channel of expression for musical talents from home and abroad, as well as a primary conduit for cross-cultural dialogue and innovation. If you are in Bahrain do not miss this opportunity, neighbouring countries are also welcome to attened. But knowing great passion that Bahraini public has towards music, I wonder if that will be easy to find a seat. I know this from my own experience, I watched once a concert in Bahrain – standing, as many others did, because there has been great interest towards performing ensemble, and the concert hall was not big enough to take in all those that wished to watch the concert!
To know more about the program please visit Bahrani Ministry of Culture official web-site:

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My next stop in Arabian Gulf , after trendy Doha, is Bahrain. Getting into the plane, which is just taking up to land in some 15-20 min, I can barely drink my champaign, served by Qatar airways smiling crew members. My trip coincided with Formula 1 and Bahrain was in news all around the globe. It is good to be there when such famous event is covered by the whole world, at the same time, is good to see also different Bahrain, to find something particular and not just cliche descriptions, known to all. Bahrain is more oriental then Doha, it is more ancient, this what one can notice immediately, upon arrival. It is the paradise on the Earth – Dilmun..  In Doha you feel everything is new, trendy, just built or being built. Bahrain is different, it is mixed, old and new, it is even more oriental then Doha. But it’s oriental style also different from the one you feel visiting Levant. Here the winds of Arabia cross with those from Iran, Pakistan, India and China. Even markets are as mixed, as the winds upon Bahrain itself. Continue Reading